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The Capital Raising Show Ep 7. - ft. Lloyd Ernst


Serial entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Australian Outsourcing Provider, Cloudstaff, with 2,500 staff across 6 locations and recently raised A$30m in Series B capital.

Prior to Cloudstaff, Lloyd founded PowerUp ISP and sold it to Malcolm Turnbull (29th Prime Minister of Australia) and the OzEmail crew. He then went on to build Australia’s largest web hosting company, WebCentral.

In this episode, Lloyd focuses on Cloudstaff's Series A raise with PieLAB and Series B raise with Navegar. Watch to find out about Lloyd's challenges during these raises, his advice for businesses looking to raise capital, and what he means by "frequency modulation".

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The Capital Raising Show is a brand new show where I interview entrepreneurs who have successfully raised capital and investors/venture capitalists to show you the shortcuts to follow and the pitfalls to avoid.

The Capital Raising Show is also on the Netflix of wealth & success.

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