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The Capital Raising Show Ep 6. - ft. Tony Surtees

What do investors look for in startups?


Director, Investor, Entrepreneur

VP, CEO & Board. Past VP & GM of Yahoo! Inc. One of Australia’s Top Ten Digital Entrepreneurs by "Smart Company". Specialises in Commercialisation & Investment, Scaling businesses for rapid growth. Helping build early-stage technology companies; particular interest in applications for disruptive business models analytics, applications, both consumer and enterprise sectors. SaaS, big data, machine learning. Experience in the US, Asia & Australia. Investment Committee member.

In this episode, Tony focuses on his investing and founding activities. As a founder for Laava and Zeetings, Tony explains how they tackle real problems with huge markets. As an investor, he looks for businesses with a problem worth solving, a sustainable commercial model and a business model that makes sense.

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The Capital Raising Show is a brand new show where I interview entrepreneurs who have successfully raised capital and investors/venture capitalists to show you the shortcuts to follow and the pitfalls to avoid.

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